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Bavaro, 2021


Sabana Equestrian and Residential Center

Sabana Equestrian and Residential Center is an urbanistic development inspired by and dedicated to horse lovers. Coharc Studio's design aimed to create a unique architectonic style that would be integrated in harmony with the surrounding environment, providing comfort and beauty to its future owners. Sharing a common passion for horses and nature between the two teams, Sabana and Coharc, was a key element to reach great results in a holistic manner.

The main inspiration for the design of the villas was the aesthetic of a horse stable combined with the traditional farmhouse. The designers took these references and scale and created double-height spaces, with simple pitched roofs and a wooden exposed structure that would showcase the coexistence between the equestrian and the residential area of the Sabana Complex. Additionally, the designers performed specific environmental studies to make decisions like orientation, openings, room location, etc. The use of natural materials in the exterior and interior of the Villas, the modern design, and the high-end finishes that were proposed also play an important role in the unique architectural style of the complex.

A2 -Living Room_01B-HD.jpg
Masterplan  con piscina.png

The villas and the overall layout of the master plan are strategically oriented to take advantage of the prevailing east to west winds of Bavaro. In the case of the villas, the design and location of all openings allow for cross ventilation in most of the interior spaces.

The master plan’s layout has been proposed not only taking into consideration the advantages of the natural ventilation provided to the open areas but most importantly, to prevent the odors from the equestrian center from traveling to the villas.

The team of designers has calculated the number of solar panels needed to reach 100% energy independence. It will be up to the occupants to decide the percentage of energy they will likely produce annually with the chosen amount of panels.

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