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Barcelona biocity transition

The potential of working with wildlife

Understanding the biocities principles

BioAgriCorridors take into account the principles and concepts of green and bio corridors while adding an eco-friendly food production system. Designing an ecosystem network that connects two or more different but related biotopes. This over-layer intervention will restore the urban soil connecting different habitats, generating a multitude of ecosystem services while enhancing biodiversity interaction within the city.

An ecosystem is a diversity of habitats able to self-reproduce and maintain itself. If the needs of one species are present, there is an opportunity to match the needs of many other species. 
An ecosystem needs
 a continuous and complex interaction with different organisms to allow for an important variety and abundance of life forms, and to be considered healthy. As designers, while understanding the site ecology we can improve the ecosystem.

Starting from the point of living things is clear that the Biocities should consider many living organisms, all coexisting in harmony. Where do we find such a great expression of life, in all its form and diversity? By turning our heads to the wild natural world, it becomes clear that we are talking about ecosystems.

How do we design a city that follows the same law of an ecosystem?


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Integration of a pollinator-friendly environment

The idea of building elements as part of the ecosystem can radically increase the ecological potential of our design.
To deconstruct the roof in varied elements and diverse existing vegetation can attract local biodiversity and improve the whole environment.

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